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Waycasts is a network of independent podcasters focused on a similar audience. We have joined together as a means to offer advertisers an attractive market.

Why Podcasts?

Podcasts have an attentive audience that is growing by the day. They are listened to by thousands while they are on the go, engaging their mind while their body is commuting or exercising.

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Each month, our podcasts reach thousands of Christian pastors, leaders and influencers. You know...the kind of people who you'd like to tell about your products or services.

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Our Podcasts

The Productive Pastor

The Productive Pastor is an honest and helpful look at the struggle and joy of time management and productivity for ministry leaders.

Seminary Dropout

Seminary Dropout- It’s not full on academia like in seminary, but that’s not to say that theology nerds won’t like it as well, because it’s not Youth Camp either.


SermonSmith is a bi-monthly conversation dedicated to the craft of sermon preparation.

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